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"We have very specific guidelines within our company and Zeynep has been very flexible in providing exactly what we need. She has a keen eye for detail, actively suggesting improvements to ensure the quality of the end result. Working with Zeynep has been an absolute pleasure and we’d recommend her to anyone looking for an interior photographer!"

Sten L. Guns

Operations Coordinator at Sonder

"We approached Zeynep for an urgent photoshoot as our 1st and 2nd choice photographers were away. We didn’t expect much from the last minute photoshoot but as soon as we saw the results, Zeynep became our only choice photographer and we cut all ties with the other ones. Since then, she is officially responsible for the photography of our 200 property strong portfolio. She does things on her own and leads photoshoot sessions, gets along with the team and produces results that are nothing short of spectacular. She makes our properties look classy, realistic and light, and her work heavily contributes to our client marketing and investor relationships. I am happy to provide any references and endorse her work."

Karol Marcu

Head of Revenue at Allo Chateau

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